Name:  Scheelite in matrix                                            ​SOLD
Item#:  FL-US011
Locality:  Long Hill, Trumbull, Fairfield County, Connecticut
Size:  14 x 7 x 5  cm         Weight:  1  lb, 7.1  oz 
Price:  $75

​Info:  Very bright with great coverage. A classic early New England locality
Name:  Fluorite, variety Yttrofluorite
Item#:  FL-US004
Locality:  Globe Pegmatite, Alamos Area, Petaca
                  District, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico
Size:  9 x 9 x 7 cm           Weight:  1  lb,  3.2  oz
Price:  $70

Info:  This material has a brief vivid green
           phosphorescence after short wave
Name:  Campbellite Cabochon...contains Native Copper, Cuprite,
               Chrysocolla, Tenorite, and fluorescent Calcite
Item#:  FL-US012
Locality:  Campbell Mine, Bisbee, Warren District, Cochise County,
Size:  Approximately 70 x 50 mm oval, 48 grams, 240 carats
Price:  $360

Info:  Campbellite is a unique gem material from the Campbell shaft in
           Bisbee, Arizona. It is actually a rock composed of native copper 
           and associated minerals. In this large cab the native copper and 
           red cuprite are prominent. 
Name:  Campbellite Cabochon....
               contains Cuprite, Tenorite and
               fluorescent Calcite
Item#:  FL-US013
Locality:  Campbell Mine, Bisbee, 
                 Warren District, Cochise Co.,
Size:  Approximately 55 x 30 mm oval,
           24 grams, 120 carats
Price:  $180

Info:  Has small chip on back edge, not 
          evident from front view and would
​          not be seen at all if set or wrapped.
Name:  Campbellite Cabochon.....
              contains Native Copper, Cuprite
              and fluorescent Calcite
Item#: FL-US014
Locality:  Campbell Mine, Bisbee, 
                  Warren District, Cochise Co.,
Size:  Approximately 37 x 22  mm oval,
           10 grams,  50 carats
Price:  $100

Info:  A unique gem material from the 
           Campbell Shaft in Bisbee composed
           of Native Copper and associated 
​           minerals.
Name:  Fluorite
Item#:  FL-US016
Locality:  Dona Ana Claim, Little Dragoon Mountains, Cochise County,
Size:  7 x 4 x 2  cm           Weight:  4.2  oz
Price:  $45

Info:  This is some of the older material from the Dona Ana Claim that is 
           adjacent to the Johnson Camp Mine on the west and was mentioned 
           by Manny Robbins in his 1994 book. As pictured, the material I have is
           just slightly pink/purple tinged under SW Ultraviolet. The locality is 
           officially closed to collecting.

Name:  Fluorite (as previous specimen)
Item#:  FL-US017
Size:  9 x 7 x 3  cm           Weight:  10.2  oz
Price:  $40
​Info:  This is an end view of an elongated specimen.
Name:  Fluorite (as previous two specimens)
Item#:  FL-US018
Size:  6 x 4.5 x 4  cm           Weight:  5.1  oz
Price:  $15
​Info:  Lower half of specimen is white Quartz.